Are you ready to take the next step in your coding career and become an inpatient auditor? Auditing is an excellent choice because it builds on your inpatient coding experience.

Transitioning your career to inpatient auditing is a smart decision for many reasons:

• Great job prospects: Healthcare organizations are struggling to find qualified inpatient auditors.

• Higher salary: Recent job postings have offered salaries ranging from $67,000 to $96,000 a year—a significant increase over inpatient coder salaries.

• Quick transition: You can be trained and working in just 4 months of full-time study.

Career Step’s Inpatient Auditing program will prepare you to earn the new Certified Inpatient Coding Auditor (CICA) certificate offered through HFMA. Becoming certified will give you an edge as organizations will be assured you have the experience, knowledge, and skills you need to succeed in your job.

To learn more about the relevance of inpatient auditing in the healthcare industry, download our white paper: Inpatient Auditing Education for Improved Reimbursements and Regulatory Compliance.

Laurie A. McBrierty, MLT, ASCP
VP, Product Management
Career Step and Panacea

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