Reporting from the AAPC’s annual conference in Orlando, Florida this week, Monitor Monday regular J. Paul Spencer, the compliance officer for Fi-Med Management, was struck by a noticeable change this year compared to last year’s event: ICD-10. Spencer noted that when the question about ICD-10 and its impact on the career of coders came up during the keynote address on opening day, a large number of hands shot up. Spencer told me that he also detected quite a few of what might he described as new coders — as in “new” to the industry. He attributes this to what he describes as “the afternoon TV market.” In the past, in this time slot, commercials were more about selling household products. Now, he observes, the time period is filled with career schools, promoting jobs in healthcare with attractive salaries.  Spencer compares the newly minted certified coders with the long-term “coders of practice” and says the new ones have no idea of the challenges that wait those now in the medical coding and billing with the implementation of ICD-10. 

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