Real-Time Coding Compliance

What if you could pre-assemble your EHR data into CMS-compliant billing documents? At the National Billing Center, our customers asked us to give them a running start on the reimbursement process. They challenged us to bundle deep, full-spectrum analytics into their records, and they requested strong inoculation from audit triggers.

We built an on-demand service that does all this heavy lifting up front, right at the point of data collection. Register to download a patient encounter showing how we:

  • instantly highlight and annotate records with diagnostic codes (Post_Processed.pdf)
  • generate detailed E&M service levels with 99+% accuracy (CMS_E&M99213.pdf) 
  • conform to your reporting formats and stay within your IT environment
  • securely perform all the above for pennies per document

For a free trial call the National Billing Center at (888) 450-0667.