Jones, who is also the director of compliance services at CBIZ KA Consulting, will be there, reporting for RACMonitor. He says he will let you know whether this conference is like “The Empire Strikes Back” or more like “Grease II.” He does suggest, however, that you bring your own popcorn. Look for Jones’ report this week at

Also, note that Carla Engle, another contributing editor for RACMonitor, will be reporting as well on sessions from the RAC Summit. Those of you who have been following her ongoing series, “Burning Questions for Hospitals,” will want to watch for her fifth installment this Thursday about the kind of information you should be capturing and tracking in your RAC audits – especially, she notes, “once the RAC letters start rolling in.”

And speaking of RAC letters, a provider in the northeast, asked RACMonitor if states have been sent Demand letters, noting that California and a few other states have already done so. Responds, Patricia Dear, a contributing editor to RACMonitor and the president and CEO for eduTrax®, “it is anticipated that hospitals nationwide will begin to receive these kinds of letters some in October as each RAC starts to look at issues of Coding and DRG assignment. Medical necessity issues will begin in 2010.”

As always, there’s more to come.

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