The Recovery Audit Contractors blazed into the City that Never Sleeps last week for a three-day engagement that created a mild uproar among some providers.

Said one who wished to remain anonymous, “the rest of the country is in for a big surprise and now look, we have a new RAC that’s starting from scratch. In the 935 there are things even within [CMS’s] own guidelines they don’t plan on doing.”

In Thursday’s edition of RACMonitorEnews, Megan Jones of Washington & West, LLC, who attended the Greater New York Hospital Association last week, gives you an inside look at the day’s proceedings including observations from providers, some of whom are most likely to be having some sleepless nights.

Tomorrow the Outreach Express makes a final appearance in Minnesota at the Sheraton Minneapolis South from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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