You can follow them on Twitter and watch them on YouTube. You can listen to their podcasts and embed their widget on your website.

They’re no stranger to social media, and they appear as comfortable describing a major takedown of Medicare and Medicaid fraud suspects as they do demonstrating their grasp of social media platforms.

Now, the Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (OIG) is taking on another first — a 30-minute webcast that will be available for viewing beginning at 11 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Oct. 24, according to the OIG’s website.

Entitled, “OIG Outlook 2013,” the webcast will feature Daniel R. Levinson, the inspector general, along with his deputies, including Principal Deputy Inspector General Larry Goldberg, Deputy Inspector General of the OIG’s Office of Audit Services Gloria Jarmon, and Deputy Inspector General of the OIG’s Office of Evaluation and Inspections Stuart Write. Gary Cantrell, deputy inspector general of the OIG’s Office of Investigations, also is slated to participate. The webcast will also feature a feedback form to solicit responses from viewers.

“The roughly 30-minute program will be available for viewing starting 11 a.m. October 24, 2012 and will remain on the site indefinitely,” a notice posted on the OIG website indicates. The announcement continues with a slight theatrical flair by offering viewers the chance to, “hear OIG’s top leadership discuss issues such as improper payments, Medicare fraud, exclusions and other key subject areas.”

In true network television newscast promotion style, credit also is given to the program host.

“Roberta Baskin, OIG’s Director of Media Communications, will host the question-and-answer sessions featuring OIG’s senior executives,” the announcement reads.

And yes, there is a widget for this event, so you can, as they say, “let others know of the upcoming webcast.”

Now if only some hospitals would allow their compliance officers to access YouTube. A listener to Monitor Monday, the live, weekly Internet radio broadcast, explained her situation during a recent broadcast roundtable:

“I had to push hard to get YouTube opened up for me to access the OIG there, as it is blocked from our hospital network,” Dawn wrote in an email message during the broadcast. “I finally got it because I am the compliance officer.”

I guess Facebook is out of the question…for now.

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