Chuck describes his first experience of being admitted to the hospital, we should be aware that not everyone has experienced this event.   The friendly demeanor is important to put patients at ease as they get ready for surgery.   It is important for someone to be present while the patient is having surgery.   In Chuck’s case, the surgery took longer than expected but what would have happened if a complication developed?   It was wonderful that his daughter was there and that she was able to participate in the pre-surgery process via telephone.  

Chuck, I can’t believe that you drove to the hospital on the day of surgery!  Did you drive yourself back home after discharge?   Did your doctor know that you were planning to drive?

Always make sure that your Living Will is in place or updated with your wishes when you go to the hospital.   Don’t take anything special or that has emotional attachment as your belongings can get lost which is why the hospital staff was so diligent to mark everything with the bar-coded label and the money was probably placed in a safe.

Do you think that the coders miss out of informal education by not being in the hospital?  What about the clinical documentation specialists?   Do you think that they are able to create a relationship with the physicians when they are working remotely?

A visit to the hospital is not a movie production, but we are so happy, Chuck, that you were able to return to Talk Ten Tuesday!  

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