We conclude our exclusive two-part series with a unique, one-hour “town hall” broadcast when we reveal, discuss, and analyze the comprehensive survey conducted by RACmonitor in association with Obsidian Research and the Frank Cohen Group. Emily Evans from Obsidian Research, who was on Monitor Monday last week, will describe the current environment as seen by regulators and legislators. Will there be change? Your responses to the online questionnaire—compiled, cross-tabbed, and analyzed by Frank Cohen of the Frank Cohen Group—plus your questions answered live on the broadcast, could do much to reaffirm the state of the nation. Also standing by to answer your questions will be Steven J. Meyerson, MD, vice president of the regulations and education group for Accretive Physician Advisory Services. Dr. Meyerson submitted to Medicare a lengthy set of proposals to revise the Medicare hospital admission regulations. We published his insightful proposal in a four-part series. Joining the coverage team will be Nancy Beckley, president and CEO for Nancy Beckley and Associates, and J. Paul Spencer, the compliance officer for Fi-Med Management. 

All this and more is coming your way during this special, one-hour edition town hall Monitor Monday. Register here.

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