Also standing by to be on the show this morning were Adrian Velasquez, the president and CEO for Fi-Med Management, Vickie Axsom-Brown, healthcare consultant and former vice president of CMS Account Management for RAC Region, and Randy Wiitala, senior healthcare consultant for Medical Learning, Incorporated. Although we were experiencing some difficulty in getting Dr. Smith logged onto the show about ten minutes before air, we were taken aback when we heard a recorded voice from the Webinar service provider saying, “the organizer has canceled the Webinar, ” which, of course, was not the case.  Instantly, we lost our audience, although the panelists were able to remain on the line and agreed to return to the next Monitor Monday podcast on July 11. There will be no Monitor Monday on July 4, following the long Fourth of July holiday.


The last time Monitor Monday was cancelled, due to technical difficulties, occurred in the second month of being on the air. Unusually frigid conditions on a Sunday in February 2010  led to power failures on Monday in the Red Bank, New Jersey operations center causing the cancelation.

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