David Glaser, Esq.

Larry Field, DO

Are providers required to attest that they provide fraud, waste, and abuse prevention compliance training as part of their participation with Medicare Advantage plans? 

It’s just one of the issues expected to be discussed during a special Wednesday edition of Monitor Mondays, RACmonitor’s weekly Internet radio broadcast.

“Managed care plans are telling hospitals and clinics that they must attest that they have provided fraud, waste, and abuse … compliance training,” healthcare attorney David Glaser said. “Are they right? If you are required to provide training, what must you provide and who must take it?” 

Glaser said that this issue is one that demands to be analyzed, and Monitor Mondays listeners will be provided with some legal and practical answers to any lingering questions. 

“We get the question a lot, and it is a big deal,” Glaser said. “Since people would pay a lawyer for an answer, the cost of the webinar may be a bargain compared to asking counsel. I would … like to spend about seven minutes digging into that and really have people understand it (the issue).” 

Perhaps no other regulatory matter raises the immediate ire of healthcare professionals more than the conflicting and contradictory issues associated with Medicare Advantage plans. Nearly every facility has challenges in this area. 

Because of this, Monitor Mondays will be reporting on the hot-button issue during its special broadcast on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, featuring Glaser and Larry Field, DO, chief medical officer at Munroe Regional Medical Center in Ocala, Fla. 

 “We’re inviting you to vent your frustrations and air your grievances over the alleged misconduct by Medicare Advantage contractors and auditors during a 60-minute, special edition Monitor Mondays broadcast — an open door forum during which you’ll receive advice and learn from others dealing with the disadvantages of Medicare Advantage,” said Chuck Buck, RACmonitor publisher and Monitor Mondays executive producer and program host. 

Buck said he expects attendees to come away with better understanding of the Medicare Advantage program, adding that they will not only hear now their colleagues are coping with Medicare Advantage issues and audits, but also practical advice for responding to Medicare Advantage auditors. 

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