Welcome to the weekend and thanks for checking in. 

We’re bringing you the news from the past week as well as providing you with a look at the week ahead. Looking ahead we have a preview of tomorrow’s edition of Monitor Mondays. Looking back, we encourage you read, perhaps, again, “Audits: Breaking Bad in New Mexico” by New York attorney Ed Roche, who also serves as RACmonitor investigative reporter. No other story that we’ve published has generated as much comment as this expose by Roche. In a series of emails from Roche to me after we published the story he wrote: “It is sort of like stirring up a hornet’s nest. New Mexico people people want to know how their situation compares to the rest of the nation. People want to know more specifics and (they) want to share even more information.” This story is worth a second read.

Last week, RACmonitor produced three days of broadcast coverage from Las Vegas, site of HIMSS16. Subject matter experts called in live from Las Vegas to report the latest news and information —legislative, regulatory and CMS updates, plus important advances for improving the revenue cycle. Even the trending subject of population health was discussed. All three broadcasts, now archived, are worth listening to on a catch-up Sunday.

So, enjoy.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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