• The Next Chapter in Medicare and Medicaid Regulation and Enforcement
  • Hedging Your Bets: Following the Rules of CMS Compliance
  • Ready or Not, Here They Come! Preparing For and Defending RAC Audits
  • New ZPICs and How DOJ Uses Aberrations in Claims Data to Develop Leads in Case Development
  • The New Regulatory Environment: Is Your Risk Assessment Process Up to Date?
  • Focus Areas of Medicaid Fraud Control Units
  • Implementing an Integrity Compliance Program in a Multi-State Non-Profit
  • New York State: Medicaid Managed Care Compliance Landscape
  • The Medicaid Integrity Program: What Does This New Federal/State Partnership Mean to Your Hospital?
  • Challenges and Solutions for Providing Compliance Guidance in a Medicaid Environment

Several of the sessions will feature experts from the Medicaid and Medicare side as well, including New York State Medicaid Inspector General James Sheehan and Kim Brandt, the Director of CMS’ Program Integrity Group.

So, for those of you who will not be able to attend, Engle will be there for you, reporting on behalf of RACMonitor throughout the conference with breaking news from these and other sessions to answer your questions and give you guidance as heard from the experts on both sides of Medicare and Medicaid integrity. Stay tuned!

And when the last seminar is completed and the PowerPoint projector has been turned off, Beckley will provide you with an in-depth wrap up – the highlights, the hidden nugget of information, the missing piece of the puzzle and what to do keep everything from rolling downhill.

Our coverage of HCCA is one more reason why RACMonitor is the single most important source of RAC news and information.

Thank you for your continuing support.

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