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When it comes to RAC preparedness, what’s one of the greatest challenges facing hospitals? Who seems less inclined to be told how to practice medicine? And who probably doesn’t get it when it comes to understanding the devastating financial impact of failing to document compliance with Medicare criteria adequately?

Linda Fotheringill, Esq., will give readers of RACMonitorEnews a thought-provoking article on the major problem of getting physicians on board in the new RAC environment. “New times call for new measures,” Fotheringill writes, urging facilities to embark now on a comprehensive course of education. “Not a series of memos or a few conferences, but a campaign of ongoing Educational programs that will require efforts beyond what your facility has previously put forth. After all, we are in a new era with CMS. New times call for new measures.”


Learn what steps your facility should be taking right now to ensure revenue opportunities are not lost due to inadequate documentation by physicians.


Audits, Audits Everywhere!

Also in today’s edition…
There are recent reports indicating that Blue Cross plans on contracting with Recovery Auditors to review their commercial accounts!


“The auditors are coming at hospitals from all angles,” reports Dennis Jones, director of revenue cycle clinical support services at CBIZ KA Consulting Services, LLC. “And on the heels of RACs come the MICs- Medicare Integrity Contractors,” warns Jones. Learn how one hospital paid dearly ($4.2 million) and what lessons you can take from its experience.


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