I’m a grandfather.

There. I admit it. And, actually, quite proud of the fact that I have not one, but four. So, having returned recently from my grandson’s 16th birthday last week, I asked myself, “why is that grandparents have such a better time with the grandkids than they did with their kids?”

It’s all about tools and toolboxes.  

According to Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety (or at least my interpretation of that law), for every disruption within a given system, we will either have some way to counter the disruption or the system goes towards chaos.  And as we find this within the family unit, we also find it within the business structure of healthcare.

Specifically, as it pertains to audit risk, without the requisite tools to counter the perturbations caused by issues with coding and utilization, the system (or the provider organization) moves toward chaos.

What brings this to mind is what you’re going to be reading soon here on these electronic pages of RACmonitor e-new. Frank Cohen, who would probably make one of the best Rabbis you’d ever have the opportunity to meet, has an intriguing article he’s shared with me. In his upcoming article, Frank  discusses this arcane law and how we can apply it to our own organizations to mitigate the chaos that is often the result of not being prepared.

Be prepared to see the work you do for your practice or facility in a whole new light.

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