EDITOR’S NOTE: Hannah is the granddaughter of Holly Louie. Holly is the compliance officer for PMI and is a longtime ICD10monitor correspondent and a frequent stand-in co-host on Talk Ten Tuesdays with Chuck Buck.

Due to the pandemic, many things in my life have changed. I am a competitive horse rider with hopes to one day go to the Olympics. The pandemic caused all the shows this year to be cancelled. As a result, I was unable to compete and get the points to qualify for bigger shows. I was unable to have lessons to progress with riding, causing me to fall behind in training. As a member of Pony Club, a lot of our events were also cancelled. Our vaulting season was cancelled, and we were unable to gain experience by performing at the Horse Expo like we have in years past. 

School did not change much for me, because I already did online classes. However, school did change for my best friend. She was unable to have access to schoolwork due to her home situation, which I know was very hard. 

The COVID virus has also been very hard for me due to my autoimmune disease. My family and I have been in very strict self-quarantine to try to keep me and my family safe. It’s been really hard on my twin brother too.

In conclusion, the pandemic has taken a huge toll on many people’s lives and is continuing to do so.


Hannah practicing her riding skills.

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