Letter from the Publisher

Dear Colleagues,

As I pen this letter on the late afternoon of Dec. 14, we’re experiencing a heavy downfall of rain here in Southern California – an unusual blessing here of late, due to lingering drought conditions.

But there have been no recent blessings for a colleague of ours, who, in an emergency room 2,000 miles east of here, appears to be fighting for his life somewhere in Georgia. His plight, as he posted on LinkedIn, has involved haggling between the hospital and the insurance company about admitting him. And so, while he resides in the emergency room, hooked up to stents and other tubes, he also waits for a decision from the hospital and payers to admit.

No doubt this is not too uncommon in America. But it is certainly uncommon for me to be personally touched by the sudden reality of such a situation, which we here at RACmonitor and Monitor Mondays report on in a regular basis, almost to the extent of creating a professional numbness. But there is nothing at all abstract about someone tethered to lifesaving equipment while administrators and functionaries bicker about the costs of seeking to save a man’s life.

And so, as this drama unfolds in some distant emergency room in some distant town in Georgia, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the subject matter experts who report for you on RACmonitor and Monitor Mondays. These folks are lawyers, physicians, and regulatory experts. Listening to them and reading their reports, I am so grateful that they can bring perspective and clarity to these horrendous situations that do indeed characterize how care delivery can be compromised by greed and absolutism (no doubt, as readers and listeners, you too benefit from this level of expertise as you try to navigate our fragmented health system).

So on this day, Dec. 14, though there’s no abatement of the heavy rains, we again thank you and wish our beloved colleague Godspeed – he who with his background and training as a regulatory consultant is nonetheless having to explain to his caregivers how to navigate a system that appears unable to fully help him in his fight for life.

Chuck Buck
Publisher of RACmonitor

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