The Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services are announcing today that their joint efforts at combating healthcare fraud have resulted in the recovery of $4.2 billion in taxpayer dollars in FY 2012. The government reports that this is the highest three-year average return of investment in the 16-year history of the Health Care Fraud and Abuse (HCFAC) Program. On today’s Monitor Monday, healthcare attorney Andrew Wachler reported on his efforts to collect feedback from members  of the Payment Reimbursement Subsection of the Health Law Section of the American Bar Association, along with comments from his clients and RACmonitor and Monitor Monday listeners.  He submitted those comments to Kimberly Brandt who is the  investigate counsel for the Senate Finance Committee which issued its recommendations to curb healthcare fraud and abuse last week. 
Today’s news of the recovery also comes on the heels of a report heard on Monitor Monday this from Karen Long with DecisionHealth. Long, a featured panelist on the broadcast, reported that recovery auditors corrected $939.3 million in improper payments in fiscal year 2011, according to a Congressional report. 

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