Take the case of RACMonitor contributing editor Nancy J. Beckley, MS, MBA, CHC, who wants to compile a scrapbook collection of her grandmother’s recipes as a gift for her mother, later to be handed down to her daughter.


And the RACs fit in this how?


In “Local Coverage Determinations: Scrapbooking Your Way to Success in a RAC World,” Nancy explains that she found herself recommending to a large multi-state provider that the facility needed to create a (guess what?) “scrapbook” of its local coverage determinations for all the jurisdictions in which it provides service. Quite a clever idea, to cook up something like that. Nancy makes the case for you to do the same. Have we whetted your appetite yet?


Taking a different spin, Patricia Dear, RN, emphatically recommends that you file a “flight plan,” especially with medical necessity reviews lurking on the horizon. Reports Pat in her article this Thursday, “you should be aware that review of potentially the most contentious and lucrative RAC issue (lucrative for RACs and CMS, that is) related to medical necessity of inpatient hospital services is now only three months away!” Stop waiting, procrastinating and worrying, right now, she admonishes, and map out a new flight plan.


For those of you who are list-compulsive, wait until you see what Carla Engle, MBA, has drawn up as it relates to how to track everything – every single document – you will need to keep an eye on.


Carla explains that you need to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that things are flowing in a timely manner, especially before the demand letters arrive. And just as important, she reports in her fifth installment of Burning Questions for Hospitals, is that a good tracking system helps you avoid technical denials caused by missed deadlines.


Finally, look for updates coming from the RAC Summit that will wind up with a two-day engagement in Washington. Intrepid RAC contributing editors Dennis Jones and Carla Engle will share their perspectives in this Thursday’s edition of RACMonitorEnews – the single most important source of RAC news and information.


Thank you.


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