I’m Aspen Albright. I’m 13 years old and I live in Maryland. I like writing and acting a lot, and I especially have a thing for video games. Here are my thoughts on the coronavirus:

In a lot of ways, quarantine is like a video game to me. I can see why I think that, since now that I’ve got so much free time, I can play video games all I want, but the way people talk now about available resources makes me feel like I’m in some post-apocalyptic video game.

You’ll go out with your mask on to get some groceries and you’ll realize that it’s completely deserted in public. Like a horde of zombies has taken off and killed 70 percent of the population. Let’s just not hope that coronavirus does that.

In a survival video game, you can’t just stay inside all day and do nothing. Every once and a while, you’ve got to gather some resources. But you’ve got to bring some protective gear to survive first. So to prevent you from catching coronavirus, you bring your mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Many of the resources are taken because of the greedy players in your server, so you just have to take what you can get. Then you go back to your base and survive until it’s time to go out again.

Before coronavirus struck, I wanted to be alone most of the time, but now it really does feel like I’m the only player in this multiplayer world. I really do wonder, when kids are learning about this in 10 years, if they’ll be able to make a simulation to teach kids about this.

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