Ward Bond, aka Major Seth Adams, the wagon master on Wagon Train, yells to Flint McCullough, aka Robert Horton, “circle the wagons!” That’s the image that comes to mind when I think of the late 1950s’ TV western in which my dad had a few roles as a character actor and reading the “RAC Myths” from CMS that came galloping into my email account. This pretty much sounds quite defensive on the part of CMS. But why? Is it the lawsuit filed by AHA against HHS over non-payment? Is it the OIG report that finds the predictive analysts used by CMS to be flawed? 

This latest salvo gives us much to talk about on Monitor Mondays beginning Monday, Jan. 7. Hello, Paul Spencer and Nancy Beckley, can you hear me?

“Film at 11,” as they said on black/white TV news programs.


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