Judge Griswold

Chief Administrative Law Judge Nancy Griswold returns to Monitor Mondays to report on the open door teleconference scheduled for later today. 

Judge Griswold, who appeared on the live Internet broadcast in February of 2014, will be reporting on outcome of today’s open door on the expansion of the settlement conference facilitation pilot program from the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA). 

“We are pleased and honor to have Judge Griswold return to Monitor Mondays,” said Chuck Buck, publisher of RACmonitor and program host of Monitor Mondays. “We have been monitoring the backlog of appeals at the ALJ level and have reported steps that OMHA has taken to reduce the backlog awaiting assignment for an ALJ hearing.” 

Buck said the healthcare attorney Andrew Wachler will be on the broadcast. Wachler, he said, has been very active in supporting the efforts of the OMHA over the years.

The first phase of the settlement conference facilitation pilot began in June 2014 with OMHA reporting that more than 2,000 appeals had been settled that had not been assigned to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) for a hearing. Phase II began Oct. 1, 2015 and was expanded to include eligibility requirements for Part B appeals. Phase III is expected to expand the settlement conference facilitation pilot to include what OMHA describes as “certain” Part A appeals. That expansion is planned for October 2016.

According to OMHA,  a settlement conference facilitator uses mediation principles to assist the appellant and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to work to toward a mutually agreeable resolution for pending and eligible claims.

Others scheduled to appear on Monday’s 60-minute broadcast include Monitor Mondays Legislative Analyst Emily Evans, Senior Monitor Mondays correspondent Nancy Beckley, Ronald Hirsch, MD, J. Paul Spencer and David Glaser, Esq.

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